Environmental management

Reveal environmental potential, reduce costs and ensure legal certainty

ensutec Engineering has been advising paint companies for more than 10 years on corporate environmental protection. ensutec Engineering will be your partner on the path to legal certainty and ecological production through management and planning.

Based on their long years of experience in painting plants and in environmental and process technology their services are very comprehensive:

  • Production integrated environmental protection (PIUS)
  • Production of operational environmental reports (BUBE)
  • Certificated environmental management systems
  • Materials and energy efficiency
  • Carrying out external audits
  • Analysis of weak points
  • Creation of a plant representation and documentation body
  • Employee training
  • Supervision of scientific training

As well as implementing your ecologically sustainable production, ensutec Engineering is also your partner in the preparation of environmental statements, reports and expert opinions, authorisation procedures, environmental tests and audits as well as waste management verification. ensutec Engineering will also take over contact with officials and authorities for you.

"In order to implement the requirements of the 31st German Federal Emission Protection Ordinance (BImSchV), ensutec Engineering provided us with competent specialist support and clarified critical issues with the authorities by direct consensus" ensutec Engineering ensures that all legal requirements and standards are met.

"With this legal certainty we could concentrate on our core business; efficient production and successful marketing," reported a satisfied customer.

Our services: 

  • Emissions control regulations approval procedure in compliance with the 4th German Federal Emission Protection Ordinance (BImSchV)
  • Production of solvent balance sheets in compliance with the 31st German Federal Emission Protection Ordinance (BImSchV)
  • Compliance with legal requirements thus ensuring legal certainty
  • Production integrated environmental protection (PIUS)
  • Extension of environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001 and EEC 1836/93 (EMAS)
  • Current situation analysis by means of environmental audits
  • Carrying out external environmental audits
  • Preparation of environmental statements and reports of
  • Compliance with legal requirements (Water Resources Act [WHG], Administrative Directive on Substances Harmful to Water [VawS], Federal Pollution Control Act [BImSchG)], Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (KrW/AbfG),Dangerous Substances Directive [GefStoffV], Environmental Liability Act [UmweltHG]
  • Carry out approval procedures
  • Contact with authorities and officials
  • Transfer of knowledge through training and environmental management
  • Plant representative body
  • Preparation of waste management verification
  • Production of operational environmental reports (BUBE)
  • Cost savings through material and energy efficiency
  • Expert evaluations
  • Training of young scientists

"The reduced use of materials and energy is not only less of a burden on the environment but also increases efficiency in production!"

Behind all modern environmental and quality management system is a consistently and competently implemented sustainability strategy which will give you excellent legal, technical and commercial results.

Our experience:

  • Moderator / Process facilitators
  • Plant representative for waste
  • Plant representative for emissions protection
  • Plant representative for noise protection
  • Plant representative for water protection
  • Environmental tester / Auditor

Thanks to our experience and practice-based knowledge, ensutec Engineering's customers ensure their long-term competitive advantage –worldwide.




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