Individual, innovative and competitive systems

ensutec Engineering has been advising paint companies for more than 10 years on the implementation of painting plant projects. ensutec Engineering specialises in planning new painting plants, optimising existing painting plants and supplying techno-economic assessments of technological alternatives ensutec Engineering bring their comprehensive expertise in surface, process and environmental technology to their partners of painting plants and companies keen to achieve more.

New technology and regulations, the continuing trend towards the automation of processing procedures and the globalisation of markets all create new challenges. Our experienced engineers therefore analyse your process in your company, test all your technical options and look for individual solutions.

We offer you our experience in the following areas:

  • Pretreatment of products
  • Metal, wood and synthetics coating
  • Manual and automated coating processes such a painting, powder coating, enamelling and bonding
  • Ventilation/extraction/circulation processes and heat recovery
  • Drying processes
  • Transporting systems such as automated and manual floor or suspended systems etc.
  • Waste water avoidance and processing
  • Exhaust air treatment

Process-optimised planning means increasing productivity with reduced input of time, materials and energy while operating sustainably. Bearing in mind the entire production sequence and perfect output results, ensutec Engineering successfully reduces to a common denominator painting plant and process engineering together with environmental protection. Paint companies of all sizes who wish to succeed in the face of steadily increasing demands and challenges from all sectors rely on the practical orientation and efficiency of ensutec Engineering.

It is our objective to improve our customers' future competitiveness with individual advice. This includes, for instance, supporting investment decisions by integrated analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of technological alternatives. Our many years of expertise and the experience gained from numerous successful projects are entirely at your disposal. We are your competent partner in the development of innovative, competitive and resource- conserving products and services.

In order to maximise your production efficiency and effectiveness, ensutec Engineering will optimise your existing painting plant, creating the framework conditions for increased value added. Opportunities for completely new planning do not happen often. It is much more usual to ask how efficiency might be increased in your existing painting plant and production process and how competitiveness with regard to customer-orientation and flexibility might be improved.

"The specialist expertise and practice-oriented advice of ensutec Engineering provided us with the optimum solution," said the managing director of a medium-sized business after his cost-benefit analysis.

We can provide you with the following engineering services:

  • Planning of paint or powder coating systems
  • Reconstruction or optimisation of processes in paint and powder coating systems.
  • Special solution planning
  • Carry out material flow analysis
  • Budget determination and economic feasibility studies
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Discussions with regulatory authorities
  • Construction supervision of your project
  • Carry out integrated business optimisation
  • Monitoring of your environmental technology 

Following a thorough and practice-oriented analysis, customers receive from ensutec Engineering a set of innovative, competitive and environmentally friendly solutions which guarantee optimum quality: economically, productively and sustainably.



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