Process management

Scrutinize processes, improve quality and material and energy efficiency

ensutec Engineering has been advising paint companies for more than 10 years on process management. ensutec Engineering optimises both use of resources as well as working practice and production methods in terms of sustainability, environmental protection and profitability. The strategic and operational objectives of the customer determine the guidelines for the systematic management and improvement of industrial painting processes. 

What are you good at – where can you improve?

The key to sustainable growth in your plant availability lies in exact methods of analysis. ensutec Engineering collates your materials, energy and cost flows. Wasted materials and energy come to light and losses of quality are identified. A concept for improved materials and energy management is created on this basis whose package of measures lowers costs, raises efficiency and achieves sustainability.

Furthermore, ensutec Engineering analyses your production processes with economic exactitude and systematically documents data and figures, capacity examinations and procedural comparisons, through-put times and utilization, progress planning and management and remuneration models. This is followed by intensive and competent support for the measures introduced to increase capacity and profitability.

Materials and energy costs represent the largest block of costs in paint companies. There is enormous potential for saving here which has not received due attention in past years. 

A neutral "outside view" often sees more!

"ensutec Engineering systematically evaluated this area in our business and optimised it sustainably" says the owner of one paint company..  

The systematic investigation of potential savings in materials and energy in combination with possible support programmes result in a high cost-benefit effect for your company.

"And when subsidies were in prospect to implement our innovative environmental and paint technology, ensutec Engineering helped us to obtain them."

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